About Favcode54

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FavCode54 is a tech initiative that aims to teach, mentor, and build the next generation of African Software Developers, using everyday people with no skills and turning them into tech geniuses fully equipped to work with tech companies in their local communities & Globally.

Our History

FavCode started as a burning passion of Favour Ori to train and teach people how to code, and to be able to connect them with the right tech jobs in Africa. The end goal is to get people off the streets away from drugs and scamming, and gear their talents towards something productive like making Africa a huge tech hub.

FavCode does not require you to know programming or have a degree. We make you into the genius that most tech companies are looking for.

We train you with our group of most qualified mentors and trainers who went to IVY league schools like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and who have worked with Technology companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, IBM, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. We have what you need to get started.

All we need from you is a passion for change in Africa through Technology.


Our Mission

A non-profit initiative to teach, mentor, and develop the next generation of African Software developers. Using everyday people with no skills and making them tech geniuses to work with tech companies in their communities.


Our Goal

To Invade africa with technology and in the process eradicate poverty through innovations.


Our Vision

To train 100,000 youths in 5 years and connect them with technology firms that will utilize their newly acquired skills and innovative mindset in Africa.

Collaborate | Code | Ship | Innovate